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The FDCA is the most robust network of Florida industry, academic, government, and military stakeholders committed to supporting our national security. As part of this network, you will join a group of powerful individuals and organizations working together to establish Florida as the premiere state where defense contractors conduct business, create jobs and expand operations. Your investment supports this important work.

Overall benefits of supporting FDCA:

  • Establish new business relationships and network with business and industry thought leaders supporting our national security

  • Attend targeted member business matchmaking and sales program

  • Take your seat at state and federal policy roundtable discussions hosted by FDCA 

  • Gain membership recognition on the FDCA website 

  • Build your company image with an annual sponsorship

  • Stay informed through industry news and updates

  • Benefit from a unified voice advocating for business-friendly legislation at local, state and federal levels

FDCA has affordable dues for every business size. Determine your business' Average Annual Florida Defense Revenue (AAFDR).

AAFDR = (Annual Revenue in FL) - (non-defense revenue)

AAFDR 12 Month Dues
Over $20 million $3,000
$5 million to $20 million $1,500
Up to $5 million $350
Not a defense business $500